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Vascular Products

The FALCON product line offers a range of products to cover the full spectrum of customer requirements that include high-end, intermediate and low-end models.  Select from our wide range of Falcon products the optimal model for your clinical needs.


The FALCON/Pro is the world’s most advanced high-end peripheral vascular diagnostic system. It is the ideal system for any vascular/angiology/plethysmography llaboratory, and as an upgrade to existing old equipment (such as the popular and obsolete Vasoguard system).  



The FALCON/Quad is the ideal intermediate level system.  It enjoys all of the advantages of the FALCON/Pro, but in a more compact and cost-effective configuration. With day-to-day practice in mind, the FALCON/Quad allows rapid segmental and ABI pressure measurements, and can easily compete with any other commercial full-blown vascular diagnostic system. 



The Falcon/ABI+ provides the best cost-effective plethysmography system for rapid and simple patient screening, with complete segmental and ABI measurement capabilities that are based on PPG sensors. The special options and features that are implemented in the Falcon/ABI+ system are ideal for phlebologists, and leave it un-matched in performance and cost-effectiveness compared to any other system with similar capabilities.


PPG Sensors

Viasonix high quality Photo-plethysmograph sensors (PPG) come in several different configurations.  The sensors are designed for easy and simple placement on digits and toes, or for simple attachment to the skin with special dedicated medical grade adhesive tape.  The PPG sensors are very sensitive and provide an ideal and simple solution for rapid diagnostic measurements as well as for long term monitoring.  



FALCON product family brochure.

Additional Readings

  • Inter-Society Consensus for the Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Guidelines for Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Testing


  • USA
    "LOVED the Falcon - quieter, more flexible, more capable, more sensitive - only praise - BLOWN AWAY…"
  • Canada
    "Learning curve minimal. Loved the customization of the Falcon Pro and the Doppler is very good."
  • Spain
    "It is a great machine. A very good job. Congratulations."
  • UK
    "Resounding SUCCESS! Very impressed with the system. It is outstanding!!!"
  • Netherlands
    "A lot of persons worked with the Falcon from two hospitals. They all liked the Falcon and it’s ease of use."
  • Finland
    "Very happy with the system, it is easy to use and performs well."
  • Ireland
    "We are all very happy and enjoying working with our new machines. Big supporter of the Falcon Pro."

  • Switzerland
    "It is the best system I have ever seen."

  • Hong Kong
    "I like the system very much as it is so easy to use and better than others."

  • Australia
    "Operation runs smoothly and swiftly. Falcon software is user friendly and unit operation and back up of data is straight forward."

  • Colombia
    "That is the equipment that we need. Great."

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