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Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis

The FALCON/ABI+ is the ideal system for rapid and simple patient screening, with complete segmental and ABI measurement capabilities.  The FALCON/ABI+ supports all of the pneumatic and PPG features of the FALCON/Quad, excluding the Doppler options. 

The FALCON/ABI+ is a powerful segmental diagnostic system, supporting 4 pressure cuffs and 4 PPG sensors.  Enjoy the full range of diagnostic and software capabilities of the FALCON product family, including support for all of the specialty examination tests, excluding the Doppler options. 

Selected Features

The FALCON/ABI+ supports numerous standard and new unique features for the benefit of the medical staff and patients alike:



FALCON product family brochure.

Additional Readings

  • Inter-Society Consensus for the Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Guidelines for Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Testing
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