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Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis

The FALCON/Quad enjoys all of the advantages of the FALCON/Pro, but in a more compact and cost-effective configuration.  This system can easily compete with any other commercial full-blown diagnostic system. 

It allows all of the options, features and specialty tests that are provided by the FALCON/Pro, with the only main difference being that it supports 4 pressure channels for 4 PPG channels (compared to 10 pressure channels and 5 PPG channels with the FALCON/Pro). 

With day-to-day practice in mind, The FALCON/Quad supports 4 pressure cuffs for rapid segmental and ABI pressure measurements.

Selected Features

The FALCON/Quad supports numerous standard and new unique features for the benefit of the medical staff and patients alike:



FALCON product family brochure.

Additional Readings

  • Inter-Society Consensus for the Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Guidelines for Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory Testing
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