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In order to differentiate different vascular disorders, or to determine the functional severity of a stenosis, some of the tests described above are repeated after induced stress.

Typically, the patient will be requested to perform treadmill or similar activity, under the supervision of the examiner.

Most of the time the stress testing will include Segmental Blood Pressures, particularly at the ankles and brachials, and sometimes also Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) and CW Doppler measurements.

  Patient performing stress examination on a treadmill

Segmental pressures are often measured at different post-stress times to determine also the recovery time from the stress effects. The clinician is particularly interested in identifying significant variants from the resting pressure indices and specifically changes in the Ankle-to-Brachial Index (ABI).

Below is an example of a Segmental Blood Pressure measurement with induced stress (exercise in this case) performed using Viasonix FALCON/Pro. The table shows blood pressure measurements in pre-exercise and post-exercise conditions. It is common to take multiple measurements (cycles) in timed intervals after performing the induced stress. The stress graph below shows the recovery of each measured segment starting with pre-stress conditions until the last post-stress cycle.

Example of a stress table and graph. The table shows the pressures and indexes of the patient in rest condition and after some stress cycles. The graph below shows how the pressure changes with inreasing recovery time.

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