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Dolphin/XF Transcranial Doppler Robotic Probe

Viasonix receives FDA approval for Dolphin/XF, launches international sales of breakthrough Transcranial Doppler Robot

Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic Devices Complement Ultrasound Imaging

Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis devices, also known as ABI machines or Physiologic systems, are complementary to ultrasound imaging systems for appropriate clinical diagnosis.

TCD is an Essential Diagnostic Tool for Covid-19 Patients

Coronavirus has a detrimental effect on the vascular circulation, and Transcranial Doppler plays a key clinical diagnostic role.

Dolphin/MAX Battery Integrated TCD

The Viasonix team does it again, pioneering the development of a high-end integrated stand-alone TCD system that also includes an integrated rechargeable battery.

Viasonix Meeting and Conferences

Viasonix, a dynamic medical device company focused on vascular and Transcranial Doppler diagnostic devices, continuously expands its international distribution network and market exposure

Sonara TCD Machine - End of Life Transcranial Doppler

The Dolphin and Sonara Transcranial Doppler systems were developed by the same Viasonix R&D team. With the Sonara TCD systems reaching their end of life in the market, the Dolphin becomes the natural next generation TCD system.

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