Unique physiological foot compression medical device

Mimics walking

Improvement of local blood circulation

Designed for home care

Ideal for people with limited mobility

Soothing “massage like” feeling

Woman Sitting with LiteWalk

What is LiteWalk?

LiteWalk is a physiological medical device that mimics walking for populations with limited mobility, supporting local blood flow circulation and preventing venous stasis.

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How LiteWalk Sandals Work

How it Works?

Proper venous blood flow in the legs is dependent to a large extent on our ability to walk.

Walking activates physiological mechanisms that support the venous circulation in the lower limbs and helps drive the blood upwards towards the heart. These mechanisms prevent venous stasis and the many detrimental medical conditions that could arise from venous stasis.

The LiteWalk mimics the natural physiological mechanisms in the body. It includes a pair of unique pneumatic sandals, with inflatable chambers that are located according to the main anatomy of the foot. The LiteWalk is designed to sequentially inflate and deflate the pressure chambers in the sandals in a manner that resembles the sequence of walking, from heel to toes.

LiteWalk Clinical Benefits

The LiteWalk is extremely comfortable, with a soothing “massage like” feeling. The user can either sit or lie down and continue with normal activity, while the LiteWalk continuously supports the blood flow circulation.

The LiteWalk is Intended primarily for home use for a temporary increase in local blood circulation in the lower extremities and temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains where applied.  Prevention of venous stasis is key in the attempts to avoid the detrimental pathological conditions that may arise from improper blood flow in the legs.   


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Who can use the LiteWalk?

Elderly populations

People with certain disabilities

Patients after surgery (particularly certain orthopedic surgeries)

People confined to bed for an extended period of time

People with limited walking ability

The LiteWalk should not be used by people with presumptive evidence of congestive heart failure where an increase in blood returned to the heart could be detrimental, pre-existing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots, existing hemorrhagic disease or coagulation problems, thrombophlebitis, and pulmonary embolism. It is recommended to consult with a physician whenever there is doubt whether it is clinically safe to use foot compression prophylaxis.

Woman Sitting with LiteWalk

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