Dolphin/XF TCD Robotic Probe

Proudly introducing the X-Factor in TCD robotic solutions, assisting in obtaining bilateral TCD insonations in as quickly as just a few seconds!

Designed for short and long-term monitoring, for use in anesthesia, in the ICU, or in the TCD lab.

Dolphin/XF Robotic Probe

Quick Introduction of the Dolphin/XF Robot

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About Dolphin/XF

The Dolphin/XF is a new breakthrough development in TCD robotics. It is designed to assist the user in quickly and automatically insonating and monitoring cerebral blood flow.

Comfortable Headset

The unique Dolphin/XF robot fits the patient’s head with a soft and comfortable dedicated monitoring headset. The patient’s posture is of no limitation, and thus the patient can lay down, be seated, or stand up during the measurements with the robot without any discomfort or preventing factors in the headset.  

Watch Dolphin/XF Performing Fast Scan

Ultra Fast Scanning

Use the Fast Scan mode for rapid scanning within seconds. Or use the High-Resolution Scan option for a more detailed robotic search through the temporal or suboccipital windows. This latter option generates a “heat map” as a function of insonated depth, showing all of the identified blood flow velocities flowing either towards the probe or away from the probe. 

Ideal Monitoring Solution

The Dolphin/XF TCD robot is ideal for settings where short or long-term monitoring is required. This includes applications in:

  • Anesthesia and the Operating Room (OR),
  • HITS detection for longer-term applications, 
  • Specialty Test protocols such as Vasomotor Reactivity (VMR), Breath Holding or PFO testing for short term monitoring, 
  • Use in the ICU, or 
  • With SAH or Stroke patients where cerebral blood flow monitoring is of particular importance. 

Watch Dolphin/XF Performing High Resolution Scan