Falcon/QUAD is the effective 4-channel vascular ABI system

State-of-the-Art technology to measure ABI, TBI, Doppler, PVR, PPG and stress testing.

Falcon advanced EMR and PACS capabilities and reporting options are designed for medical centers and private clinics alike.


Everything You Need to Know About the Falcon

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Selected Features of Falcon Physiologic Machine

Segmental Blood Pressures

Measure lower extremity pressures easily with 10 color-coded channels and a variety of Doppler probes and PPG sensors. Complete the vascular diagnosis with supportive stress testing.

Falcon is considered by many the best segmental pressure machine with numerous advanced features such as 10 simultaneous PVR measurements and limitless post-processing capabilities.

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Example of an ABI Assessment using Doppler and pressure cuffs

Fast and Accurate ABI & TBI

Quickly measure ABI and TBI with either Doppler or Photoplethysmography (PPG).

With the Falcon ABI and TBI machine, all measurements are saved automatically and sent directly to the dedicated interactive summary screen.

High Quality Doppler Probes

In addition, to the 4 MHz and 8 MHz probes for standard use, the advanced Falcon Doppler machine offers a unique 10 MHz probe, which is designed to measure particularly small peripheral blood vessels.

All Falcon Doppler probes produce complete high-resolution Doppler spectral analysis with the aid of the Falcon vascular software and algorithms.

Falcon Photoplethysmography Machine PPG Sensors

State-of-the-Art PPG Sensors

Falcon offers a wide selection of Photoplethysmography sensors.  

The 5 completely independent PPG ports allow simultaneous fingers/toes measurements, which is especially useful for Raynaud’s diagnosis along with a an integrated temperature sensor. 

Fingerclip and Toeclip PPG sensors are recommended for routine examinations. The Disc PPG sensors are particularly useful for Venous Reflux testing and are supplied with dedicated adhesive stickers.

Highest Durability and Reliability

The Falcon is the most reliable peripheral vascular machine in the market. 

Thanks to the high quality Doppler probes, 10 Independent Pressure Channels (IPU Technology) and 5 PPG Ports, the Falcon design significantly reduces any down-time. 

Falcon is in distributed worldwide for over 10 years with the lowest fail rate in the market!

Falcon Peripheral Vascular Network Connectivity

Complete Network Connectivity

The Falcon unmatched connectivity capabilities are a paradise to hospital IT personnel and EMR and PACS managers. The advanced networking abilities allow a plug-and-play operation to easily configure connectivity with automated DICOM Worklist & Storage, Structured Report, and HL7.

With unlimited Review Stations, measurements can be reanalyzed and interpreted from the comfort of your office. Final reporting can also be configured and finalized from any location.

Simplify Your Workflow

The Falcon vascular diagnosis device has the ability to configure as many dedicated examination protocols that allow to save time and optimize the patient vascular diagnosis​.

Enjoy the user-friendly protocol builder to configure your workflow according to your needs!​

Falcon ABI Machine Tubeset

Ease of Use

Minimal learning curve thanks to user-friendly software with a large touch-screen display.

A selection of wired and wireless remote control​ and footswitch allows keeping your focus on the patient rather than on the physiologic vascular equipment.

Dedicated Specialty Tests

The Falcon is the complete vascular physiologic assessment machine with dedicated protocols that guide you through step-by-step diagnostic measurements of specific vascular conditions. 

The dedicated diagnosis protocols include measurements of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), diagnosis of Raynaud’s Phenomenon, evaluation of Penile Function or Erectile Dysfunction, assessment of Allen’s Test (or Palmar Arch Test), measurements of Venous Reflux and Venous Capacitance and Outflow, Pulse Wave Velocity, and more.

Falcon ABI Dedicated Specialty Tests

Advanced Reporting

The famous Falcon user-friendly report builder tool allows you to design your own report layout easily.

Then, add your institute/clinic logo and details to create a detailed and impressive diagnosis report that meets your institute standards.

Save a lot of time by building your report with preconfigured interpretation templates.

Advanced Research Options

The Falcon vascular research machine is famous for its built-in statistics tool with on-screen graphs, segments filtering, and Excel tool, which are all designed to simplify the work of vascular and physiological researchers.

Export to PDF, Excel, Word, JPEG, VSX, Video clips, and more to support your vascular research and teaching needs, as well as support your clinical vascular publications.

Falcon Export Options

Falcon Clinical Applications

Falcon provides a complete solution for numerous vascular clinical applications.

All with dedicated and configurable step-by-step protocols and reports!

Falcon Product Line

Select the physiologic equipment model that best meets your needs!

Falcon/Pro Physiologic Machine


10 Independent Pressure Channels

5 PPG Ports

3 Doppler Ports

Full Spectral Doppler

Falcon/Quad System


4 Independent Pressure Channels

4 PPG Ports

3 Doppler Ports

Full Spectral Doppler

Falcon ABI+ Device


4 Independent Pressure Channels

4 PPG Ports

Independent Pressure Channels 1044
PPG Ports544
Doppler Ports33
Full Spectral Doppler