Record Year for Viasonix Transcranial Doppler and Physiologic Equipment Manufacturer

Viasonix Ltd. establishes itself as a global TCD and vascular diagnostics leader
Viasonix 2021 Year Report

Viasonix, an advanced medical device manufacturer, announced record performance in 2021.  

Successful 2021 for Viasonix

Viasonix, an advanced medical device manufacturer, announced record performance in 2021.  

Viasonix is a vascular powerhouse and a vascular hub with innovative product lines covering a range of peripheral vascular diagnosis, transcranial doppler, and pneumatic foot compression. 

We take pride in our ability to develop and produce innovative and state-of-the-art products for traditional and existing vascular diagnostic applications.  

Our two main diagnostic product lines include the Dolphin transcranial Doppler TCD machines and the Falcon Physiologic PVD machines. The third product line is the LiteWalk pneumatic foot compression device for homecare support.  

Viasonix 2021 in Numbers

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Performance in 2021 Exceeds all Expectations

Viasonix reports a dramatic record year for TCD and physiologic equipment sales.

Sales of TCD machines and vascular PVD devices reached an all-time high, increasing dramatically by 75% compared to the previous year. The past 2 years, 2019 and 2020, were also record years for the company.

This record year comes despite significant obstacles in the vascular market, such as the COVID-19 world pandemic and the international crisis in the availability of raw materials and electrical components.

Viasonix Products Year 2021

International TCD and Vascular Diagnosis Leader

Viasonix is an established global leader as a Transcranial Doppler manufacturer and producer of physiologic diagnostic devices. In 2021 the company sold its products to some 50 countries worldwide, spanning 6 continents.

This global exposure further establishes the company as the market leader and a vascular powerhouse. The company has a wide network of vascular distributors that are ready to support customers and provide immediate service.

Dolphin Leading the Transcranial Doppler Market

The Dolphin is considered by many as the best Transcranial Doppler system in the market. With its unique features, it is by far the most advanced TCD equipment developed by the company’s R&D team. 

There are numerous options and features that the Dolphin TCD machine offers that other commercial TCD devices do not have:

  • The Dolphin/MAX is the only Transcranial Doppler system with an integrated battery,
  • The Dolphin/XF Robotic TCD is the most simple, fast, and comfortable TCD robot and the only robot with a disposable monitoring headset, which is ideal for ICU applications. 
  • The Dolphin’s unmatched friendly TCD user interface,
  • Enterprise-grade network connectivity,
  • Offline post-processing of Doppler data,
  • Advanced emboli detection and analysis
  • Customizable reporting
  • Research options. 

In addition, the highly competitive price of the TCD machines helps to establish Viasonix as a global Transcranial Doppler leader. All of these, and much more, make the Dolphin Transcranial Doppler equipment the fastest-growing TCD in the market and make it the number one TCD in the American market.  

Falcon Leading the Peripheral Physiologic Market

The Falcon ABI and Segmental Pressure machine is considered by many as the best physiologic machine in the vascular market.

It is the only high-end vascular diagnosis system with regulatory approvals by the FDA for the United States, CE for Europe, and numerous additional regulatory approvals in Asia and Latin America.

The numerous unique options and features that the Falcon PVD machine offers are not available by other commercial machines. This establishes the Falcon physiologic device as the number one physiologic testing machine sold around the world.

The price of the Falcon physiologic system is very competitive, and the user interface of the Falcon diagnostic system is loved by customers. The Falcon physiologic testing machine is therefore considered the gold standard for peripheral vascular examinations.

Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic

Viasonix sales performance last year is particularly impressive in view of the world COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Despite severe travel restrictions and other continually changing restrictions due to the pandemic, the company and its network of representatives and distributors overcame most obstacles.

We maintained continuous quick and professional support to TCD customers and vascular physiologic diagnostic sites.

Successfully Dealing with the world Component and Raw Material Crisis

Viasonix production of Transcranial Doppler and vascular diagnosis machines continuously strives to meet the growing demand for the company’s products.

The production team works diligently and relentlessly to ensure that sufficient inventory is maintained to meet the overwhelming demand for the Dolphin TCD systems and the Falcon PVD machines.

Our production accomplishments and our ability to deliver products quickly and on time even in the midst of such a significant global component crisis give us great pride.

Looking forward

We plan to continue our growth process, as was throughout the past decade.

We are already working diligently to add new and exciting products in the near future, both in the Transcranial Doppler arena and in the peripheral vascular diagnosis field, to meet the growing demand of the vascular community for dedicated solutions.

We also plan to increase our already wide international distribution network to reach each and every customer around the world.

Viasonix is proud to serve the vascular clinical community for over a decade.

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