Viasonix Launches the Dolphin/MAX, the Only High-End Battery Operated Stand-Alone System

The Viasonix team does it again, pioneering the development of a high-end integrated stand-alone TCD system that also includes an integrated rechargeable battery.
Dolphin/MAX Battery Integrated TCD

Battery Operated TCD

In Transcranial Doppler (TCD), there are two main examination modes:

  1. when the system is situated in one location, and the patient “comes to the system” for examination, or
  2. when the system needs to be moved from place to place for bed-side patient examinations.

The latter option is cumbersome because the system must be unplugged and re-plugged to the wall power each time. The operating system and software need to upload for each examination, which is time-consuming and potentially annoying to the medical staff.

Key Feature Missing in Stand-Alone TCD Systems

The original Transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems were developed as stand-alone systems, which can be hand-carried and include a built-in computer and display. Stand-alone systems can be hand-carried by the medical staff for diagnosing patients after being plugged into the wall power, but in many instances were installed in a single place. These systems are not ideal when there is a need to perform bed-side patient measurements.

Other TCD Models Developed by Viasonix

In the early 21st century, the Viasonix development team introduced to the TCD marketplace, in addition to standard stand-alone systems, also TCD modules that can connect to an external PC and display, and allow optimizing the use of TCD in different clinical settings. In addition to size, TCD modules are more cost-effective and can meet specific medical needs. These systems are also not ideal when there is a need to perform bed-side patient measurements.

Dolphin/MAX, an All-In-One Battery Operated System

The new Dolphin/MAX TCD system is the ideal bed-side examination solution:  
  • The system is lightweight, 
  • Can be hand-carried if needed, and
  • It can operate for quite a few hours without the need to plug into the wall or recharging the battery!  
The Dolphin/MAX is the optimal selection when needing to move the system from patient to patient for TCD diagnostics or monitoring.