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About Us

Viasonix Ltd. is an experienced medical device company, focused on the development and production of advanced vascular diagnostic systems. 

The company’s new generation products respond to updated and new customer requirements, as well as replace the older generation vascular systems such as the popular Vasoguard. 

  Viasonix FALCON/Pro

Our products are continuously developed with both the operators and patients in mind.  All products are based on sophisticated, yet extremely user friendly software, for both online examination and offline review in a remote review station.  We place distributor and hospital staff requests at our highest priority, to continuously improve the products and respond quickly to customer requirements.  Our products incorporate a wide range of advanced digital technologies, including ultrasound Doppler, photo-plethysmography, blood pressure measurements, pulse volume recordings, skin temperature measurements and much more, for a complete peripheral vascular diagnosis.

Our products are successfully distributed internationally with a wide distribution network covering 5 continents!  Viasonix is an ISO 13485 certified company, and our Falcon vascular systems are the only products in the market today with extensive regulatory approvals such as FDA, CE, Canada Health, TFDA and many more. 

We claim that our products are a class of their own, and invite you to discover their superiority yourself


Viasonix is managed by a professional and extremely experienced and productive team of medical device experts.  Our expertise is in particular with vascular and transcranial Doppler diagnostics and various clinical blood flow applications.  With our many years of experience in the medical device industry, we have intimate knowledge and knowhow in the vascular and TCD clinical marketplace. 

Our management was directly involved and responsible over the years for some of the most successful developments and products in these fields, such as the Sonara and Sonara-Tek TCD systems, the Quantix/ND non-invasive volume blood flow device, the Quantix/OR intra-operative blood flow system, the Quantix/TE for trans-esophageal volume flow diagnosis, the WalkCare and D-Flex devices for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention, and more. 

Our user interface software is internationally renowned, and we invite you to discover our simple and friendly, yet very sophisticated platforms.


Dr. Dan Manor
President and CEO

Dr. Manor holds a B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, and M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering, all from the Technion Technology Institute. Dr. Manor was the co-founder and CEO of several successful medical device companies, and is an internationally renowned scientist in the cardiovascular arena. For a list of selected publications click here.

Mr. Eli Levi
VP Technology and Operations

Mr. Levi is an experienced computer engineer (graduated from the Technion Technology Institute).  Mr. Levi was also the co-founder and Director of several successful medical device companies, with many years of experience in the development and operations of medical devices in general, and ultrasound devices in particular. 

Mr. Adi Yosef
VP Software

Mr. Yosef holds a B.Sc. degree from Bar Ilan University in Computer Engineering.  Mr. Yosef is extremely experienced in developing friendly and simple to operate software platforms, and is the manager of all software operations. Mr. Yosef is involved with a wide variety of different medical projects.

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