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Export Formats

The FALCON provides a variety of export formats to meet any clinical or research need

With a simple click of a button you can export data, reports, screen & video captures and much more.


PDF Icon   Excel Export

Export report of the popular PDF Document. With FALCON you can either export manually or automatically for each examination

Export data to Excel Spreadsheet


RTF Export   Video Export

Export/import summary report as RTF file. Similar to a Word document (can be viewed or edited by all Microsoft Word versions).

Export video of screen capture (also works well with replay of measurements).


Matlab Export   VSX Export

For researchers: Export raw data
as a Matlab data file.
Export/import examination in Viasonix File Format. This file contains the complete examinations including summary screens and full audible replays.


Screen Captures

Export screen captures in all popular image file
and in addition, as a PDF document.

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