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Network Support

The FALCON supports all popular network communication protocols to hospital systems.

Initial setup is simple & quick and in most cases it is a plug and play process. Although this is completely optional, connecting FALCON to hospital servers is highly recommended.


The FALCON offers extensive support in all popular network communication protocols and servers. Click here to find out more!

Communication Protocol Function Benefits
DICOM Query patient schedule (worklist) Convenient, save time, avoid typos
DICOM Send image report to PACS Access FALCON generated report from anywhere
DICOM Send structured report to PACS Helps generating a unified report. Include only what you want in a single report for a complete patient visit.
HL7 Query patient details from hospital server Save time, avoid typos
HL7 Receive patient scheduling Convenient, save time, avoid typos
HL7 Send HL7 report (text report or auto generated PDF link) Access report from anywhere
PDF Automatically generate a PDF report for every examination over the network - directly to your office. Easy to setup and no third party software is needed!
SQL Optional connection to hospital SQL database server. Share one central patients and examinations database between multiple FALCON workstations and review stations.
GDT Patient scheduling and sending text report. Support for the popular communication standard in Germany.
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