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Simultaneous ABI Measurements

The FALCON/Pro has the ability to measure simultaneously up to 5 BP (blood pressure) segments at the same time with the aid of PPG sensors. This allows rapid and simultaneous diagnosis of ABI (Ankle-to-Brachial index), which is very useful for rapid patient screening for peripheral arterial disease.

All pressure channels are color coded to help the examiner to quickly place the cuffs on the patient limbs and for ease of use. 

  ABI measurement using FALCON software

The FALCON/Pro has 10 completely independent pressure channels for rapid and efficient patient examination. The limit for performing simultaneous BP (blood pressure) measurement is 5 due to the number of PPG channels. 

Due to the complete independence of the pressure channels, the examiner has complete control over the measurement process and can configure any number of pressure channels to be activated at the same time.

Below is an example of a group of 4 blood pressure measurements performed using 3 photo-plethysmograph sensors and 1 Doppler sensor on the right ankle, all performed simultaneuosly. The right ankle segment was measured using 8 MHz Doppler probe due to an amputated toe. The software calculates Ankle-Brachial Indexes of each side automatically and displays them on screen.

Example of ankle-brachial-index measurement using a group of 3 photoplethysmograph sensors on 2 brachial segments and ankle, with additional doppler measurement on the ankle

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