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Specialty Tests

The FALCON supports many specialized tests in addition to the standard examinations expected from a high-end peripheral vascular diagnostic system. 

The specialty tests are supported with dedicated pictures that guide the examiner through the examination protocol and the printed reports clearly correspond the measured waveforms to the different protocol steps.

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Different TOS Positions available in FALCON/PRO  

Different positions of Thoracic Outlet
specialty test.

Bilateral Simultaneous MVO/SVC Test

Above is an example of a Bilateral Maximum Venous
Outflow (MVO)/Segmental Venous Capacitance (SVC)

specialty test. Both legs were measured simultaneously. The
graphs above show the complete measurements and the graphs
below present a zoom-in on the deflation part (blue

Abnormal Venous Reflux Test

Above is an example of a Venous Reflux specialty test performed
on a patient
. The Venous Recovery Time (VRT) is an index of venous valve patency. A fast recovery time, such as in this example, indicates a suspicion of valvular incompetency.

Palmar Arch Test Schematic Pictures

Example for Palmar Arch Test protocol. First, the Radial artery is compressed during measurement of both extreme digits simultaneously using PPG (Plethysmography) sensors. Then, another measurement while compressing Ulnar artery and finally, measurement is taken while compressing both Ulnar and Radial arteries (for confirmation). If required, the protocol can be configured to measure more digits.

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