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Statistical Analysis

The FALCON has built in statistics tool, which over long time periods offers great advantages for both physicians and researchers.

The available graphs include many predefined informative pie charts and an advanced option to compare statistical parameters.

  FALCON Statistics Tool

Some benefits of the statistics are:

  • Find interesting information such as what is the most used test and protocol.
  • Find distribution over time of blood pressures and other parameters (ABI, MVO/SVC, VRT, etc.)
  • Use the advanced option to find, for instance, how the average ABI (Ankle-to-Brachial index) changes with age.
  • And many more interesting options...

Statistics Graph 1   Statistics Graph 2

This example shows the distribution of examined patients age in the FALCON patients database.
This example shows the distribution of measured ABI (Ankle-to-Brachial index) in the FALCON patients database.
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