Alternative to Sonara TCD

Are you looking for a modern solution for transcranial doppler diagnostics? 

Dolphin Transcranial Doppler machine is the ultimate choice to replace your old Sonara TCD.

Dolphin is an Alternative to Sonara TCD

What are Sonara TCD and Sonara/Tek TCD?

The Sonara is a digital Transcranial Doppler technology that has been considered for many years as the leading TCD choice for medical practitioners in the USA and internationally. It was originally acquired and distributed globally by Viasys Healthcare, followed by Carefusion, and more recently, as part of Natus. In all cases, the Sonara was distributed under the Nicolet brand name.

Sonara is a standalone TCD machine (unilateral model and bilateral model) featuring a partially digital Doppler processing. It has a 15″ touch display, it weighs roughly 10 Kg, and it has a unique user interface. The Sonara software comes with many customizable options and reporting features. 

Sonara/tek was truly an amazing surprise to the TCD market. Sonara/tek is a unilateral TCD module that connects with a USB to any PC running Windows and works with the same Sonara TCD software. It was well-received by the market due to its relatively small dimensions and a lower price range. It was an interesting alternative to the Sonara standalone TCD machine. 

Sonara TCD Screen Capture

Dolphin TCD Screen Capture

Where can I Find a New Sonara TCD?

As far as the market understands, Sonara has reached its End of Life. It may be possible to find used Sonara TCD machines or used Sonara/tek TCD machines but their condition is unclear. With today’s new TCD technologies that are cost-effective and can be purchased at a reasonable price, it is probably not the best idea to invest in a secondhand TCD device that has reached its End of Life. 

We are now seeing many existing TCD users looking for an alternative to Sonara. Several TCD technologists told us that it is difficult to find replacement parts for Sonara.  

Dolphin/MAX is the Ultimate Alternative to Sonara TCD

Dolphin TCD machine is a modern device with cutting-edge digital technology and post-processing capabilities. It has numerous advancements over the Sonara and Sonara/Tek, including a battery-integrated TCD machine and a robotic headframe, the Dolphin/XF. In fact, many of the new additions to the Dolphin are unique in the general TCD world.

Dolphin is developed by Viasonix, with the same team that originally developed the Sonara TCD, making it the top choice replacement solution for the Sonara TCD!

The table below is a very partial list of the improvements of the Dolphin over the Sonara TCD:

Option or FeatureSonaraDolphin/MAX
TechnologyPartially analogAdvanced, Fully digital
Integrated Battery
Data ProcessingCompletely flexible, available for offline post-processing
Weight10 Kg 6 kg
Display size 15” Square18” Wide Screen
Touch ScreenResistiveMulti Touch Capacitive
1.6 Transcranial probe
Intraoperative probe
Cybersecurity protections
External channels
Camera support
Wireless remote control
Capnograph support
Full HD Resolution Support
4D Replay along ultrasound beam
Shared Database solution for unlimited review stations
DICOM Structured Reporting
Post processing of Depth, sound, gain, sample, scale and filter
Multi Depth with parameters and envelope
PFO Protocol
Sickle Cell Protocol
Cognitive Response
Vasospasm Protocol
Waveform Labels (manual and automatic)
Unlimited configurable protocols
Advanced free text report editor
Advanced data backup options
Configurable user profile settings
Advanced HITS Analysis display
Customized Patient Details Page
Dedicated and separately configurable print layouts for each type of test
Advanced search
Quick review of previous exams

What's Next?

If you are looking for an alternative to Sonara, please leave us a message or send us an email. We will be happy to connect you with your local Dolphin TCD representative.