Cerebral Monitoring

What is Monitoring Examination?

Cerebral monitoring can be critical for identification of neurological complications. Relative and/or sudden changes in cerebral blood flow velocities can become a powerful diagnostic tool and effect the immediate clinical intervention.

Dolphin Monitoring Headset with Quick Lock

Bilateral cerebral monitoring is particularly useful during cardiac surgery for identification of embolic events, which may be the source of post-surgery neurological deficiencies.

The Viasonix Dolphin supports both unilateral and bilateral cerebral blood flow monitoring with a dedicated and easy to use monitoring headset. A variety of monitoring tools allow to view the complete duration of the monitored procedure, as well as zoom in or out on specific regions of interest. A variety of automatically inserted event markers, as well as user defined markers, help in post-monitoring analysis.

In addition, the Dolphin supports the display of data obtained from external channels for close correlation with the cerebral blood flow information.

An example of a long term bilateral monitoring session performed with a Viasonix Dolphin system.

TCD Long Term Monitoring Example

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