Dolphin Transcranial Doppler Competitor Advertises that Viasonix Technology is Superior

While market feedback to the advanced Viasonix Dolphin TCD machines is overwhelmingly positive, you may find it interesting that even our direct competitor advertises that the Viasonix technology is superior.

In a series of advertisements on a Search Engine, Multigon Industries™ states that the technology developed by Viasonix, namely TCD technology, is superior.

To our surprise, Multigon Industries™ further associates itself with Viasonix and to our unique and advanced Dolphin TCD robot, as you can see in the screenshots below of these Ads.

Multigon Advertises Viasonix Superior Technology
Multigon Advertises Viasonix as Multigon Industries Inc
Multigon Advertises Dolphin TCD Robotic Transcranial Doppler

Because we feel these Ads are misleading our existing and potential users, we have asked Multigon™ to remove these Ads.

To avoid any misunderstandings, Multigon Industries Inc.™ is not associated with Viasonix Ltd. in any manner. Furthermore, Multigon Industries Inc.™ is a direct competitor to Viasonix in the American TCD market.

As an additional clarification, Multigon™ sells the ROBOTOC9MD Lunchbox™, which includes a TCD robot. Also, Multigon™ is a business partner of a Chinese company, Delica™, which manufactures the EMS TCD products. On the other hand, the Viasonix Dolphin TCD systems and our Dolphin/XF TCD robot are completely different from what Multigon™ and Delica™ offer.

We have also recently discovered that Multigon™ advertises (via Ads) the Viasonix TCD robot as the first clinical robotic TCD probe in the market. While we certainly believe that our TCD robotic probe, the Dolphin/XF, is unique and brings new advancements to the market, it is not the first clinical robot in the market.

Mulitgon Advertises Viasonix TCD Robot as the First Clinical Robotic TCD

In fact, the first concept of a clinical TCD robot in the market was introduced by Rune Aaslid. This innovative device impacted the field of Transcranial Doppler ultrasound, providing an exciting alternative method for monitoring cerebral blood flow. Today, clinical TCD robots are an indispensable tool for medical professionals and continue to play a critical role in the monitoring of various medical conditions.

We certainly believe that the Dolphin TCD product line and our advanced Dolphin/XF TCD robot are the best in the TCD market, and we welcome you to schedule a demo with us.

About Viasonix

Viasonix Ltd. is a medical device company involved with developing, producing, and selling advanced Transcranial Doppler (TCD) machines for assessing cerebral blood flow velocities and state-of-the-art vascular Physiologic machines for the evaluation of peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). Our Dolphin TCD product line and Falcon PAD systems are well-known in their respective markets and have been successfully distributed for many years in over 50 countries around the world.

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