Viasonix, a Global Manufacturing Leader of TCD and Vascular Equipment, Marks 2023 as Yet Another Record Year

Viasonix Ltd. is an established hub for vascular and transcranial Doppler medical systems.
Annual Report Record Year for Viasonix 2023

Viasonix, a medical device manufacturer of advanced TCD and vascular systems, completed yet another record year. 2023 toped previous years in many aspects.

2023 Record Performance for Viasonix

Total sales in 2023 remained very strong for Viasonix, with several additional records being broken as in the last successful years.

2023 marked the year with the most international shipments made. Furthermore, global sales expansion peaked in 2023, with a significant increase in the number of countries that Viasonix now covers.

Viasonix is an internationally well-known vascular and TCD company and has an established reputation for its high-end and reliable medical devices, which include the Falcon vascular physiologic product line, the Dolphin transcranial Doppler (TCD) product line, and the LiteWalk foot compression devices.

The Viasonix Falcon PVD and Dolphin TCD machines are standard equipment in numerous medical centers in the USA and around the world and are considered by many physicians and technologists to be the best vascular and TCD machines of their class.

Among the many clinical settings and applications that are served by the Dolphin TCD systems are Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Anesthesia, Physiology, and Stroke Centers. The Falcon ABI and PVR machines serve Vascular, Cardiovascular, Angiology, and Phlebology settings.

Viasonix is extremely proud to provide continued support to our many customers across the world.

Strong 2023 Performance in Spite of Global Hurdles

Viasonix has shown continuous growth and achievements over the past decade. Performance in 2023 continues the strong trend of success that has been demonstrated in past years.

Over the past decade, and particularly over the past 5 years, significant international and global crises posed potential obstacles to all medical device manufacturers. Viasonix, however, was successful in overcoming all of these obstacles and leading the way from one record year to another.

Among the global obstacles over the past 5 years:

  • The COVID-19 crisis, which started in 2020 and practically shut down the economy in many aspects and threatened to significantly change the world as we know it. Viasonix managed very well during that time span and reached annual record performances for each successful year in the time span since COVID-19 erupted.
  • Severe shortage of raw materials and electrical components, which affected all of the international industry, from transportation to medical devices. While many manufacturers were unable to deliver goods on time or were forced to increase prices sharply, Viasonix was able to prepare ahead of time and maintain sufficient inventory to support immediate shipments.
  • Sharp increases in the cost of raw materials resulted in price increases of finished goods, and particularly of medical devices. Viasonix, however, managed to maintain its prices stable. The company practically never increased the cost of its Viasonix Transcranial Doppler machines or its Viasonix Vascular physiologic machines over the past decade or so.
  • International tensions, which resulted from the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia or the recent threats of the Yemenite borders against Cargo ships carrying goods from Asia to Europe, severely threatened the world economy.
  • The continuous hardening of regulatory demands for medical equipment, such as the new MDR requirements for CE certification, resulted in numerous medical equipment manufacturers withdrawing from selling to the EU. Viasonix, however, proudly completed successfully all of the MDR requirements and audits for its products and now meets the highest regulatory standard.
Viasonix Products Year 2023

Viasonix is a Global TCD and Vascular Leader

2023 marked the year with significant growth for Viasonix in many aspects. One particular growth we are very proud of is the extension of our products to about 10% more countries compared to 2022. This further establishes Viasonix as a global leader of Transcranial Doppler manufacturer as well as a manufacturer leader of physiologic diagnostic devices. 

Practically all of our competitors carry only TCD devices or ABI systems, while Viasonix carries both product lines. This gives Viasonix the huge advantage of incorporating into one product line all of the advantages and strengths found in another product line, making our products considered superior by many opinion leaders.  

In 2022, the company continued its growth into new territories and countries, with our products being sold in some 50 countries worldwide, spanning 6 continents. 

Our sales anchor continues to be in the USA, but sales in Asia and Europe continue to be strong.  

Our global exposure continues to establish Viasonix as the market leader and a vascular powerhouse in the TCD and PVD arenas. We have a wide network of vascular and TCD distributors that are ready to support customers with immediate service.

Looking Forward

Viasonix R&D team is continuously active in developing and providing upgrades to our product lines. 

We will soon announce the addition of new and exciting vascular products. The new products are expected to penetrate new market segments that the company has not operated in so far. These additions are expected to support the growth of Viasonix even further and carry the company’s profitability well into the next decade.

Our already wide international distribution network, which expanded nicely in 2023, always welcomes additional distributors of vascular and medical devices in order to expand our reach to additional countries.

Viasonix is extremely proud to have served the vascular and transcranial Doppler community for many years.

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