Dolphin/XF TCD Robot Makes a Huge Impact at a Stroke Meeting

Image Monitoring USA presents the Dolphin TCD Machine at the Annual International Stroke Conference 2022 Held in New Orleans
IMIUSA Presenting at ISC 2022

Were you at the International Stroke Conference 2022? We hope you got a chance to see the robotic TCD at IMIUSA booth!

Well, we’ve just started 2022, and it’s just unbelievable how robotic TCD is rapidly becoming a must standard for TCD Monitoring. Conference visitors got to see the latest advancement in TCD Robotics – a robotic TCD so comfortable and mobile, you can actually walk around the conference hall of the ISC 2022 – with the headset attached, continuously recording and monitoring blood flow to the brain. Here’s a short recap on that. 

Our Business Partners Image Monitoring USA Inc.

Image Monitoring USA (IMIUSA) is a long-time business partner of Viasonix. 

IMUSA is the exclusive distributor in the United States of the Dolphin product family of TCD systems and the various models of the Falcon physiologic diagnostic devices. They are also responsible for customer training, system installations, and service throughout the country.

What is the New Robotic TCD Standard?

The Dolphin/XF is a Transcranial Doppler robot that assists the TCD examiners and technicians in quickly finding bilateral cerebral blood flow waveforms.

It is a powerful TCD robot because it locks on the brain blood vessels such as the MCA, ACA, or PCA quickly and effectively. It is very simple to use and comfortable for the patients.

The Dolphin robot allows for patient movement, and unlike perhaps other options, it is not bulky and can fit nicely in the Operating Room or Intensive Care Unit. In addition, it is the only device that offers disposable monitoring headgear to effectively protect patients from contamination.

Image Monitoring USA Presenting Dolphin/MAX TCD Machine

What is the Cost of a Robotic TCD?

Best of all, the price of the Dolphin/XF TCD robot is highly competitive and is dramatically lower than some of the other TCD robot alternatives in the market. Contact Viasonix or IMIUSA to receive a quotation to upgrade your TCD standards.

Image Monitoring USA Presenting TCD at International Stroke Conference 2022

Benefits of a Battery Operated TCD

A major advantage of a battery-operated TCD is in locations such as the ICU. 

When in the ICU or similar settings, the Transcranial Doppler machine needs to be moved from patient to patient. To support that, an integrated and rechargeable battery-operated TCD allows for quicker examinations without the need to turn the system on/off all of the time and with less bulky power supply cabling.

The Dolphin/MAX is the only advanced Transcranial Doppler device in the market today with an integrated rechargeable battery. Image Monitoring USA, in addition to selling the Dolphin/MAX machines, also extended the battery operation range of TCD offerings to the Dolphin/IQ TCD model.

This global exposure further establishes Viasonix as the market leader and a vascular powerhouse. The company has a wide network of vascular distributors that are ready to support customers and provide immediate service.

Unique Presentation of the Dolphin Capabilities

Image Monitoring USA presented the unmatched Dolphin/XF robotic capabilities at the 2022 Annual International Stroke Conference, which was held this year in New Orleans. 

During the meeting, Mr. Michael Talcott, VP Sales of IMIUSA, walked up and down the exhibition hall for hours while connected to the Dolphin/XF bilateral brain robot. 

Many clinicians and other exhibitors were amazed by this unique ability to continuously monitor cerebral blood flow while moving around and keeping a strong and stable Doppler signal.

Mr. Michael Talcott from IMIUSA Presenting Dolphin/XF at ISC 2022

What Makes this Presentation Amazing

Mr. Talcott assembled the TCD robotic headset on his head and scanned for a Doppler signal. In just a minute, he was set up with strong Doppler signals coming bilaterally from his Middle Cerebral Arteries (right and left MCA arteries).

To get a perspective, some of the other solutions in the market are much more bulky and are significantly more time-consuming. They require to confine the patient with minimal or no movement. Because of that, they are definitely less comfortable to patients. Moreover, with certain brain applications, they are not practical and effective as the Dolphin TCD solution for cerebral blood flow monitoring. And we didn’t even start talking about the cost of the TCD robotic applications and monitoring…

Why is TCD Robotics Important?

TCD robotic probes are used specifically for short and long term brain monitoring sessions. Importantly, the automatic Transcranial Doppler robot is useful to assist the clinical staff in monitoring blood flow. This monitoring is commonly done in ICU, OR, or Stroke Units, where professional TCD technicians may not be handily available.

TCD robotic probes simplify the placement of the monitoring headgear on the patient’s head and automatically search for and obtain bilateral cerebral flow signals. Monitoring can help identify and prevent potential stroke conditions and help to protect the brain.

What to Look for in a TCD Robotic Probe?

The ideal Transcranial Doppler Robot is fast, simple, effective. 

The robot must be comfortable for the patient, allow patient movement, and be able to monitor in different patient positions.

Because the settings of such robots are typically the Operating Room or the Intensive Care Unit, the complete monitoring headgear that comes in contact with the patient should preferably be disposable.

The TCD monitoring information and measurement data should be readily available to an experienced TCD clinician for immediate and easy interpretation for patient protection.

The price of the TCD robot should also be very affordable.

For all of the above, and much more, the Dolphin/XF is clearly the best TCD robot in the market today and at the forefront of cerebral monitoring.

Where can I See the Dolphin/XF Brain Robot in Action?

For those who are located in the USA, the great team in Image Monitoring USA will be happy to schedule a demo with you. Their contact details are as follows: 

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (716) 395-0300

For those outside the USA, please contact Viasonix directly, and we will find your closest representative to schedule a demo of Dolphin/XF. For more information, please leave us a message.