8 Essential Accessories for a Complete Vascular Physiologic Setup

Discover the difference high-quality accessories can make in enhancing vascular diagnosis. Elevate your vascular diagnostics with Falcon/PRO, combining top-tier technology and user-friendly design.
Top Accessories for a Vascular Diagnosis Machine

When it comes to setting up a vascular physiologic workspace, it’s crucial to have a well-equipped machine at your disposal. 

But to perform examinations quickly and effectively, any peripheral vascular machine MUST have premium designed accessories attached to it!

That’s where the Falcon, a state-of-the-art peripheral vascular diagnosis product from Viasonix, steps in. With numerous supported accessories designed with the patient and examiner in mind, the Falcon is the go-to choice for vascular professionals worldwide.

Here are the top eight essential accessories for a vascular diagnosis machine.

1. Variety of Top Quality Doppler Probes

The heart of any vascular diagnosis setup is the Doppler probe. Quality probes produce clear signals with complete spectral waveforms. 

That’s why high-quality Doppler probes are essential for a PAD machine. Probes such as those supplied with the Falcon product, ensure proper measurement of blood flow velocities and detection of arterial obstructions in the extremities. 

Furthermore, a variety of Doppler probes with different frequencies is crucial for measurements in both superficial and deep blood vessels, at different site locations along the patient limbs.

2. Variety of PPG Sensors

Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors are essential for a full vascular diagnosis, for example, to measure Toe Brachial Index (TBI)

However, to accommodate different clinical applications, a PAD Equipment must provide a broad variety of sensors. As an example, the Falcon ABI/TBI machine offers a wide range of color-coded fingerclip and toeclip sensors for routine use and disc PPG sensors for venous reflux examinations or TBI measurements on short toes.

PPG Sensors for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

3. Integrated Skin Temperature Sensor

This one is particularly beneficial for diagnosing conditions like the Raynaud’s disease. It also comes built in with the Falcon product family for complete vascular diagnosis.

An integrated temperature sensor helps measure and record skin temperature during cold immersion and recovery periods, allowing for analysis and comparison. Furthermore, It helps assess the patient’s sensitivity to cold and the return of normal skin temperature.

Skin Temperature Sensor for Vascular Diagnosis

4. Variety of Pressure Cuff Sizes

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to pressure cuffs. That’s why premium PAD machines offer a range of cuff sizes.

Of course, patients with PAD can have different limb sizes and circumferences so proper cuff sizing is crucial for obtaining correct readings during the examination. 

Additionally, using the appropriate cuff size enhances patient comfort and minimizes potential discomfort during the measurement process.

5. Wireless Remote Control

For added convenience, we recommended using a wireless remote control. 

With a wireless remote control, the examiners can easily adjust settings, initiate tests, and navigate through the machine’s functionalities without the need to be physically close to the device. 

The Falcon ABI systems offer a selection of wired and wireless remote control options, allowing examiners to streamline the workflow, saves time, and keep your focus on the patient.

Furthermore, with programable keys on the remote control you can optimize systems operation and customize the remote control to meet your routine needs.

Wireless Remote Control for Vascular Diagnosis

6. Programmable Foot Switch

A foot switch is another great add on!

First, it enhances hands-free operation, allowing examiners to control the machine’s functions using their feet while keeping their hands free for other critical tasks.

Second, a programmable foot switch offers customization options. This enables users to assign specific commands or functions to different foot pedals for a more intuitive and personalized operation. 

Lastly, it promotes ergonomic benefits by reducing physical strain and fatigue on the user’s hands. 

Footswitch Pedals for Vascular Diagnosis

7. Double Sided Adhesive Stickers

Especially useful when using the Disk PPG sensors for during examinations such as the for Venous Reflux tests or Toe-Brachial (TBI) measurements, the adhesive ensures secure attachment of the Disc PPG sensors, preventing signal interference and ensuring consistent readings.

As for the adhesive glue, it is gentle on the skin and can be easily removed without causing discomfort. Additionally, the stickers are disposable, ensuring a hygienic measurement process for each patient.

8. Color-Coded Tube Assembly

Color-coded pressure tubes allow for easy identification and connection of the correct tubes to the corresponding pressure cuffs. As a result, this feature saves time and reduces the risk of error or confusion during setup and operation. 

With the Falcon/Pro model from Viasonix, this becomes even more convenient using 10 color coded and independent pressure channels, known as the IPU technology, make measuring lower extremity pressures a breeze. 


For any high-end PAD machine, such dedicated accessories play a crucial role in ensuring a proper diagnosis. 

The accessories discussed here make the Falcon ABI machine not just a complete peripheral vascular diagnosis machine — it’s a complete setup that takes into account every aspect of a vascular physiologic workspace and patient and examiner comfort.

The Falcon is the perfect choice for your vascular diagnosis needs. This machine has been trusted and distributed worldwide for over a decade, proving that its superior quality and innovative features truly stand the test of time.

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