Falcon and Dolphin to be Presented at the Annual SVU Meeting

Viasonix products to be presented at the upcoming SVU including its Advanced Physiologic ABI Machines and Exciting TCD Systems

About the Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU)

The 2021 annual conference and meeting of the Society of Vascular Ultrasound, the SVU, will be held this year in San Diego, August 19-20. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Society for Vascular Ultrasound.

The SVU is a professional society with thousands of members that are dedicated to the advancement of non-invasive ultrasound technology. Non-invasive Doppler ultrasound is key in the diagnosis of various vascular diseases, and is an essential tool for vascular technologists and sonographers, surgeons, and cardiologists, and is of great interest to lab directors, academics, students, and other professionals involved in the practice of vascular ultrasound.

Presenting the Most Exciting Systems in the Physiologic and TCD Industry

The Falcon ABI machine and the Dolphin TCD systems will be exhibited at this years’ annual SVU meeting and exhibition. Both ABI and TCD product lines will be presented by Image Monitoring USA (IMUSA), a long-time and highly professional partner and business collaborator of Viasonix Ltd. Image Monitoring USA leads the sale of the Falcon physiologic devices and the Dolphin TCD product line throughout the USA. To purchase the most advanced ABI machine or buy the exciting TCD systems in the USA, please feel free to contact IMUSA directly.

Purchase the Leading Physiologic ABI System

We invite you to come and see a presentation of the Falcon product at the SVU meeting. To buy the most advanced physiologic system in the market, visit the IMUSA booth in the exhibition hall or contact us to request a personal demo.

The Falcon is an international leader in non-invasive vascular diagnosis and is considered the gold standard physiologic device in leading hospitals and medical institutes.

Purchasing this gold-standard Physiologic system provides tools for the most complete physiological diagnosis, including ABI and segmental blood pressures, Doppler assessment, PVR measurements, TBI measurements with both Doppler and PPG sensors (Photoplethysmographs), quick diagnosis of Venous Reflux, diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrom (TOS), and much more. The Falcon supports all non-invasive clinical assessments and codes for reimbursement, so when you buy this cost-effective ABI machine, the return on investment (ROI) is quick.

Purchase the World Leader in TCD Machines

IMUSA will also present at the SVU meeting the renowned and emerging world leader in TCD equipment, the Dolphin product line. This includes the cost-effective Dolphin/IQ TCD module, the unique Dolphin/4D TCD standalone device, and the world’s only Dolphin/MAX with integrated battery operation.

In addition, the unique, powerful, and effective Dolphin/XF TCD robot will be presented at the SVU!

The Dolphin product line is a significant improvement. It is the next generation of Sonara TCD machines, which were loved for many years by so many TCD sonographers. To get a quote for a TCD machine, please visit the IMUSA booth in the SVU exhibition hall, or contact us to request a personal demo.

The Dolphin is leading the American TCD market and is routinely used in most of the leading medical centers and institutes in the country. Find the Dolphin in numerous TCD labs, ICU and ER rooms, operating rooms, and in general with many neurologists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, and any clinician interested in non-invasive measurements of blood flow to the brain.

For more information, please leave us a message.