Another Record Year for Viasonix TCD and PAD Equipment Manufacturer

Viasonix Ltd. is an established global medical device leader for Transcranial Doppler and Vascular Physiologic machines.
Annual Report Record Year for Viasonix 2022

Viasonix, an advanced medical device manufacturer, is proud to announce yet another record year. Performance in 2022 exceeded all expectations.

Record Performance in 2022 for Viasonix

Following the previous record year of 2021, Viasonix is proud to establish yet a new all-time record year in 2022. Sales performance in 2022 exceeded the sales performance in each of the previous 14 years of the company’s successful operations.

Viasonix is well known internationally for its high-end and reliable medical devices, which include the Falcon vascular physiologic product line, the Dolphin Transcranial Doppler (TCD) product line, and the LiteWalk foot compression devices. The Falcon PVD devices and Dolphin TCD machines are considered by many to be the best in the market and can be found in numerous leading medical centers and hospitals in the USA and around the world.

We are incredibly proud to receive continued great acknowledgment for our products from physicians and medical staff across the world.

Our innovative and state-of-the-art products are specifically designed for traditional and existing vascular and neurological diagnostic applications. The Dolphin TCD product line serves the Stroke, Neurological, Cardiovascular, and Neurosurgical communities, while the Falcon PVD product line serves the Vascular, Phlebology, and Cardiovascular settings.

The LiteWalk pneumatic foot compression device is designed for homecare blood flow support.

Performance in 2022 Tops All Expectations

Viasonix reports another dramatic record year for TCD and physiologic equipment sales, establishing itself as a leading company in these fields. Sales of our PVD and TCD machines in 2022 reached an all-time high, exceeding the previous record, which was reached in 2021. The years 2019 and 2020 were also record years for the company, so the continued dramatic growth in the performance of Viasonix has a major impact on the Transcranial Doppler and Physiological markets.

 This new 2022 sales record year was reached despite major global obstacles, such as:

  • the international crisis in the availability of raw materials and electrical components
  • the spreading of the worldwide recession that is affecting many countries
  • the continued COVID-19 pandemic, which imposes significant limitations on travel and availability
  • the war between Russia and Ukraine that affected the global economy.

 Viasonix is particularly proud of its new record sales year because, despite the global challenges, we avoided the expected increase in all of our products prices. 

We decided to keep our products affordable without any price increases in order to ensure that the market receives the best quality of TCD and PVD machines it can possibly get for the tight institutional budgets. In fact, not only did we not increase our product prices in 2022, in many cases, the cost of our TCD machines and vascular physiological systems was actually reduced in order to support our markets and customers.  

Viasonix Products Year 2022

Global TCD and Vascular Manufacturer Leader

We are proud to establish Viasonix as a global leader and Transcranial Doppler manufacturer as well as a manufacturer leader of physiologic diagnostic devices. In 2022 the company continued its growth into new territories and countries, with our products being sold in some 50 countries worldwide, spanning 6 continents. Our sales anchor continues to be in the USA, but sales in Asia and Europe continue to be strong.  

Our global exposure continues to establish Viasonix as the market leader and a vascular powerhouse in the TCD and PVD arenas. We have a wide network of vascular and TCD distributors that are ready to support customers with immediate service.

Dolphin Growth in the Transcranial Doppler Market Continues

Numerous physicians and TCD sonographers around the world continue to consider the Dolphin TCD machine as the most advanced and probably also the best TCD system in the market. The simplicity of operation, yet the wide range of capabilities, allows the Dolphin TCD to meet any clinical need, as well as to meet all of the relevant reimbursement codes for financial Return on Investment (ROI). 

The Dolphin TCD has numerous unique and advanced features that are not available with any other competitor TCD device in the market, making it by far the most advanced TCD equipment that our professional R&D team has developed to date.

There are numerous options and features that the Dolphin TCD machine offers that other commercial TCD devices do not have:

  • The most simple, fast, and comfortable TCD robot in the market.
  • The only TCD robot with a disposable monitoring headset, which is ideal for ICU applications.
  • The only standalone Transcranial Doppler system with a rechargeable and integrated battery.
  • Unmatched user-friendly TCD interface.
  • Enterprise-grade network connectivity.
  • Offline post-processing of Doppler data.
  • Advanced emboli detection and analysis.
  • Customizable reporting
  • Research options. 

From the list above it is particularly worthwhile to highlight our blockbuster Dolphin/XF TCD robot. For years the TCD market has been in desperate need for a simple and fast bilateral TCD robotic solution. The exceptional performance of our Dolphin/XF made a significant impact on many established TCD leaders in the market.  

In addition, our wide selection of different Dolphin Transcranial Doppler models allows customers to select the optimal TCD configuration to meet their needs. Whether it is the cost-effective Dolphin/IQ model, the standalone Dolphin/4D, or the outstanding Dolphin/MAX TCD model with an integrated rechargeable battery

With all of these, it is no surprise that our Dolphin Transcranial Doppler machines are the fastest-growing TCD systems in the market and make it likely the number one TCD in the American market. 

Strong Falcon Performance in the Peripheral Physiologic Market

The continued strong performance of our Falcon ABI machine, and the worldwide acceptance of our systems in numerous major clinical centers, reinforce the notion that the Falcon is considered by many as the best physiologic machine in the vascular market.

The Falcon is the only high-end vascular physiologic system that has numerous regulatory approvals, including the FDA for the United States, CE for Europe, and many additional regulatory approvals in Asia and Latin America.

The Falcon PVD machine offers complete solutions for ABI and TBI measurements, as well as segmental blood pressure, PVR assessment, Doppler blood flow, PPG measurements, and Stress testing. In addition, the Falcon PVD machine supports dedicated testing of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Penile Function, Palmar Arch Testing, and many more protocols that are not available by other commercial physiologic machines. This establishes the Falcon vascular device as a leading physiologic testing machine that is sold around the world.

The Falcon product line includes a range of models, including the complete Falcon/Pro system, the workhorse Falcon/Quad model, or the fast screening Falcon/ABI+ machine. The competitive price of these Falcon models and the simple user interface further help make the Falcon the gold standard in the industry and explain the yet another record sales year of vascular products.  

Looking Forward

The good news is that the Viasonix development team is continuously working on further improvements, as well as developing new products.

This is expected to support our continued growth into new levels.

In fact, several completely new and exciting products are expected to be introduced to the market later this year and next year. 

Our innovation and great products will not stop at anything but providing complete solutions to clinicians and the market place.

Our already wide international distribution network always welcomes new distributors of vascular and medical devices, in order to expand our reach to additional countries.  

Viasonix is extremely proud to serve the vascular and transcranial Doppler community for over a decade.

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